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We took the most difficult part of the college application process and made it easier.


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Application Essay Requirements

Lightning-quick access to application essay, deadline, and admissions requirements for the 1000+ most-applied to colleges/universities in the U.S., courtesy of EssayGraphTM. Give your students access to the most powerful application essay management platform on the planet. Patent pending.

Easy Essay Management

Drafts are automatically synced and organized in a beautiful feed-style format. There are no documents or folders to create, no email attachments to lose, no file names to confuse. Built on DropBox, a leader in cloud-based file synchronization.


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Editing and Reviewing

Students can invite anyone to review a draft with a single click. Reviewers do not need an Edswell account to access the draft. Students can compare drafts side-by-side using the “Get Changes” feature, which automatically highlights any edits or comments made by a reviewer.


Edswell is the only system that tracks students throughout the application essay process. From the dashboard, you can quickly 1) identify which students are falling behind, 2) add a school to a student’s list, or 3) email a student. Know exactly where your students are in the process, anyplace, anytime.

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We're pretty proud of what we built. See how Edswell stacks up:

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Counselor Features
Ability to track student progress? Yes No
Standalone system Yes No, does not provide essay
requirements or counselor
Counselor dashboard provides
actionable information
Yes N/A
Email students within the
Yes Yes
Add schools to multiple students’
list at once
Yes No support for college lists
Admissions and descriptive
information for each school?
Yes. Edswell tracks
deadlines, average GPA,
standardized test scores,
acceptance rate, financial
aid, in-state v. out-of-state
tuition, and descriptive
Requires users to create new files
and folders to manage the essays?
No (patent-pending) Yes, users must create new
documents and folders.
Essay Management
One-click report of all essays on a
student’s college list
Yes (EssayGraphTM) No
Automated version control – all
drafts are automatically organized.
Yes No
Drafts viewable in feed-style layout. Yes No
Reviewer can add comments for
each draft?
Yes Yes
Counselor can view all student
drafts within the system?
Yes Yes, but user must rely on
folder and file names to find
the right document.
Invite counselors, teachers,
mentors, etc. to review drafts?
Yes. Students can invite
anyone to review a draft
with a single click.
Comments/Edits by reviewers
automatically highlighted?
Yes Yes, but user cannot do
side-by-side comparison of
Reviewer needs account to access
No No, but default settings
require Google Account.
Support for schools that accept
more than one application?
Yes. Students can view
different requirements for
each application and select
the one they’d like to use.
Number of schools represented? 1000+ N/A
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