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Welcome to the most advanced college planning tool available. For students and counselors.

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All together now

Edswell brings together rich college data, application essays, test prep, college plans, event management, and more on one site. Powerful, easy to use, and free.

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Only on Edswell

You won't find many of Edswell's innovative features anywhere else.

Application plans

Everything starts with a plan. Edswell's application plans are fully customizable, sortable, and trackable. A break-through innovation!

College lists

Create a beautiful, sortable list in minutes. Automatically pulls essay data as you work.


Edswell's essay engine collects prompts for over 1,000 schools and organizes all drafts by essay topic. Game-changing.

Test prep

Over 70 video tutorials covering key concepts on the SAT.


Essay Brilliance is an online course for application essays. Includes 10 sample essays with comment and analysis.

College posts

Edswell tracks social media posts by hundreds of colleges, ranks them by performance, and organizes them in a feed for you.